33rd #SatSunTails Winners

& so we have our #SatSunTails winner!

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But for now, let’s get to the winners!

The Written Prompt

uncommonly incredulous

Runner Up Mentions


A wonderful, touching tale.


Different with a great nod to Greek mythology. 


An amusing piece that stayed with me for its ability to draw the reader in as well as provide a backstory in such a small space.

Overall Winner


This one stuck in my mind the most after I’d read it. A really great piece that was amusing too. 

The Warehouse

The warehouse was filled to the brim with eggs, every shape and size. Moose had been told that they represented each and every world in the known and unknown universe. He picked up the closest one, a small blue and white sphere, and started throwing it from hand to hand as he wandered along the rows.

"Careful, Moose! You don’t want to drop that." Sully walked towards him, "If you do and it breaks, the planet’s soul will die and so will the planet.’

Looking at him with uncommonly incredulous belief, Moose let the egg fall to the ground. It cracked open and yellow, fiery liquid spilled out along with a small embryo. Then the warehouse was filled with the sound of millions of voices screaming in pain, increasing in volume until it ended, suddenly.

"Ah, well, that’s Earth gone then. Help me clear up Moose, maybe no one will notice."

Critique Mentions

Now, as promised, I shall critique those entries that didn’t make it. Sometimes it can literally come down to the smallest things.


A thoughtful story and, while I assume the style was written to correspond with biblical tales, the repetition of the sentence beginnings is a little simplistic without the necessary grab for a story of such little word count. Also, there was an incorrect spelling of ‘omelet’ which is omelette.


Just a little problem with the capitalisation within the speech marks. Even with ellipses at the start of the sentence, the first word needs to have a capital at its beginning. The same goes for a word after a comma at the start of the section of dialogue.


Literally, the only problem was with a missed off closing speech mark. Other than that a great story as per usual.

So thank you to all of those who entered.  The criticism is never meant to harm. It is there to help you better your writing and someday win overall. I’m sure it will also benefit those who were not criticised. I hope this has helped you in your writing as well as encouraged you to join in again next week!

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