Coal Dust

I’m not a great person. Sometimes I wonder why certain people put up with me. I stress and I worry far too much.

Sometimes people say things like they think I’m better than or more special than others. But I’m really not. I never will be. You should probably be prepared for a rambling post. Sorry.

There are moments that people say they don’t think they’re good enough for me or deserve my friendship and such things. Maybe it’s the other way around and they just haven’t realised yet.

I’d quite like to snuggle up and go to sleep today but I have so many things to do and probably not enough time to do them in. One of those things is obviously to judge #SatSunTails and another is to make a phone call. Then there are varying degrees of otherness to deal with. I’m missing curling up to hugs too.

There’s a lot on my mind at the moment and sadly most of it I can’t share with you guys. I can’t even really sit in a quiet, peaceful place and share it with the people I’d like to share it with because there’s just no real chance of privacy. Finding it hard to get to sleep again on a night, despite the fact I’m knackered, simply because I have too much going on in my head.

I should make a list of my chores. Or start getting them done. Anything but slouching here and feeling sorry for myself, I guess. I must bore you all silly sometimes.

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2 thoughts on “Coal Dust”

  1. Funny, I'm having the same kind of day. Plus here it's raining which always makes me want to sit and watch it with a nice hot cup of cocoa. I cant do that though, too much going on. So I understand where you're coming from. Here's hoping your day improves and you get those hugs. <*hugs*>

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