Captain Scarlet

Sometimes I talk and think too much, which is probably why I feel the need to write a lot of my thoughts down on here or on tumblr.

When I was younger I did try to keep diaries so I could put my thoughts in each day, but I never remembered to keep it up constantly, which is why a blog is so much better – I don’t necessarily have to update daily if I don’t want to.

I do talk too much, though, about the people I spend the most time with/that I like or about whatever particular thing I’ve spent more time considering than usual. At the moment that latter is flats and moving out.

I guess that’s partly an obsession at the minute because I feel a little trapped with certain circumstances (two of those more pressing than others). I’m hoping to work out how much extra I’ll be earning from my second job because last month was buoyed by the fact that it was the school summer holidays. As soon as I know how much I’ll be getting, though, I can make possible provisions for moving out… after my MOT and such.

Ugh… There’s always one extra thing to spend money on or one extra reason why I can’t sort something straight away. I really can’t stand not being able to just get things done, but I guess I’ll have to wait.

I bought my new watch, though. I’ve been waiting to get it for about a month and now it’s on its way. I really hate not having a watch on me. Most people seem to use their phones these days to tell the time, but that hassles me. Sometimes I don’t have a pocket to put my phone in and when it gets jangled up in the bottom of a bag it can be too hard to find when you’re in a rush and need to see what time you have left.

It’s a pretty new watch. Pretty and very functional. I always have to make sure things fit my specifications exactly. Subsequently, finding a place to rent when I can afford it will be a bit of a pain. I already have specifications for that. Off street parking, a good sized kitchen, shower, central heating and at least a small patch of garden are the ones I’m bothered about. And obviously being able to take my cat, but I hear you can usually negotiate that with landlords especially if the pet is a cat and moreso if it’s old.

We’ll see. We’ll see…

I’d probably end up having to live with someone, too, to cover the rent and other out goings, which concerns me a little. I’m not about to move in with someone just for the sake of moving out like my younger brother has. It would have to be someone I could trust and could get along with easily… and preferably have a similar sort of temperament. I can’t be doing with messy kitchens or grotty bathrooms or TVs/music on too loud or on constantly.

I pity anyone who ends up living with me and my cat. There are a couple of one bedrooms I’ve seen but there’s no way I could afford them on my wage right now.

I’ll figure out a way. I can’t stay here forever.

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