Cave of Solitude

I’m not at home today, which is a bit odd but somehow I’m incredibly comfortable.

Maybe the comfort is from the fact that I’m alone and there are no sounds of Bargain Hunt or Wii Snooker at 40 volume in the background coupled with the occasional barking of dogs when neighbours pass by.

Or maybe the comfort is from the fact that I have time to get on with my writing whilst being surrounded by the thoughts of someone who makes me happy (even if he isn’t here right now).

Also, the sun is shining and (if you’ve seen my youtube channel videos) you may know that Britain is very rarely a sunny place for more than five days a year during which Brits let the extra light go to their heads and start stripping down to almost nothing, despite it only being a degree above the usual temperature and still windy.

The writing time is good, though. I’m going to continue on with some of Breaking Cadence and then I’ll edit some of Preying On Time as well as write a quick short for Friday. I have been missing writing my Friday shorts, but I’ve had so much time consuming stuff going on lately that there never seems to be a moment to sit and write.

I don’t even get a chance when I’m home due to familial dramas and clock watching before work. I don’t even know how the latest drama is unfolding. I’m a little worried, but I also don’t want to get too involved because things are just messy at the moment. I’d rather stay here and write whilst wearing somebody else’s jumper. Mmm… big jumpers…

I did mean to put my jumper in my bag yesterday but I forgot along with a couple of other things. This one is nice and huggable, though. It also smells good.

My financial arrangements are looking slightly better than they were, too, which is good. I am tempted to buy my new watch already, however. My old one has broken on the strap and, with the design if the watch, any plain strap wouldn’t fit in with the design, sadly, so I’m going to get a new one. I’ve seen a pretty one with a less tight, plain strap that would do. It would also be more practical to replace the strap on this watch if I needed to. I just want to wait until my balance is sufficient enough to get it.

Hopefully that will be after this weekend. This is the one I’ve decided on, anyway. What do you think?

It’s nothing too fancy, but I think it’s elegant and it’s a good make. Plus there are signals as to where the numbers are. I always find it difficult to guess when there are no number indicators. It makes me panic more about timekeeping and I already worry enough about that.

So off I go to write. Winking smile

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