The Munchkins Are Escaping!

Did the title get your attention? Well the munchkins will! Except they won’t… It has no real relevance to anything I’m going to say in this post. Oh well.

Here, have a picture of me totally soaked from the downpour that was the early hours of Thursday morning. We cut hair, drank things, attacked each other with parts of a hoover and danced like maniacs whilst deafening ourselves next to a pair of speakers.

We’re just that cool.

Basically, that was my Wednesday night out. I know, I know… Middle of the working week stuff. We are all terribly misbehaved. Or at least I am because I was the only one with work in the morning.

These are my awesome (but wet) friends less than five minutes after leaving the warmth and dryness of the pub:

I wouldn’t have stayed out so late and gotten so wet if it hadn’t been for the fact it was the annual Driffield Show in our town. It’s an agricultural event thing that involves sheep, cows and a beer tent (well, more than that but you get the gist) and we’d decided we’d do the after party thing where all the locals head to the pubs and get a bit more crazy than usual.

School finishes for summer today. That means six weeks off for me. Huzzah!

Well… It would do if I wasn’t working at my second job too, but extra cash and whatnot is nice. It means I won’t have to worry about work so early in the morning and get to see a lovely young man, too. Furthermore, it gives me some writing time, which I feel I’ve been lacking as well as lacking the motivation/energy recently.

So big smiles all around.

Also, I’m eating some Roses chocolates because one of the lovely parents that comes across our crossing at work bought both me and my colleague a box. She said that it wasn’t fair the teachers got stuff at the end of term and we didn’t, which is really nice. I’m not ashamed to admit I’m going to miss some of the kids over the holidays too.

It will be entirely weird seeing them again in the new school year – some of them won’t be going any more and some will have swapped their route to the secondary school!

Also here’s me still wet and pulling a weird face:

On the subject of weird faces, I’m considering doing another youtube video like my last one. I don’t know what to make the video about, though, so if you have any suggestions of anything you want to see/hear from me then please put them in the comments. I don’t care how strange they might be.

Hell, ask me random questions if you’d like me to respond to them on the video if you want.

Also, I should stop play fighting with people because I still have a weird hand shaped mark around my arm. It looks suspiciously like I’ve been held down or something. It’s not, though. It’s from people fending me off. I am like a lion. Roar. And all that.

This has been a bizarre update that wasted ten minutes of your life… but thank you for reading!


I managed to stab myself in the gums with one of the chocolates. Were they just a ruse to get me to eat something sharp that will inevitably kill me? Find out in the next episode of my weird and pointless personal entries….

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