Trench Note

Still haven’t got my hours for this extra job yet. This is why I’d rather keep a job I already have whilst I get a new one on top. That way if anything goes wrong I’m not left dangling with no money etc.

I feel sorry for the guy in charge, really I do. He seems to be so run off his feet and by the sounds of it, not all his staff are reliable. Plus, he has more than one place of business.

It’s okay, though, because I know I have some hours, now, this weekend. It’ll be interesting.

I’m still broke, too, which is rubbish because I saw a wardrobe for £20 in the paper. A double one. Beech. That would have been cool to get.

I know I have one, but if I ever move out (fingers crossed) then the one I have would be incredibly impractical to take with me. Shame really, considering all the effort that went into it and how useful it is. But oh well. That’s the way things go.

I feel like I’ve been so very busy lately and yet I don’t seem to have much exciting stuff to tell you. I guess that’s because most of my being busy has consisted of cooking and cleaning for my parents, basically. Jeez, you’d think I was Cinderella. If I am then where are my glass slippers?

I keep checking to see the prices of one bedroom flats that are up to let, too. Have this horrible feeling that nothing will ever go right and I’ll never be able to afford one. And then I’ll die alone and unpublished, living in a cardboard box under a bridge somewhere. How depressing would that be?  I don’t know…

I think being on my own would be better for social reasons. At least then I wouldn’t snap at anyone or get frustrated with cleaning up because it would only be my mess. And I’d have my cat for company, I guess. That’s one of the reasons why I’d rather live alone, anyway. I doubt it will be financially viable for me, but yeah… I don’t always like to have music blaring and such. There are times when I prefer silence. And I find TVs on in the background irritating as they’re always too loud.

I just think people would find me too difficult to live with because of these things. When I get frustrated and such it just builds up and I become snappy, which is never good. Saving other people from myself. Ha ha.

Pointless talking about it until I can properly afford it, though. But I have a lot of pointless dreams.

Anyway, random rambling for you.

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