Hard To Catch

Dear regular viewers…

You may have noticed a distinct lack of posting on anything that is really just about me or a piece of flash fiction lately. For that, I have to apologise.

Those of you who know me through social media etc may be aware that I’ve been very busy of late (or at least it seems that way). There have been lots of social things to catch up on as well as an unfortunate death in the family – incidentally, if anybody wants some left shoes (size 10 and male) then please ask my cousin.

Last time we spoke I was getting better from what ailed me heart-wise and now I’m a whole lot better and a whole lot sunnier than I was. I hope this pleases you because it pleases me. And a happy me makes for a happy blog. Huzzah.

All I need now is a little more money so I can move out and stop spending my time constantly cleaning up after my dad. I swear the man makes mess as soon as I’ve tidied. I feel like I’m constantly fighting a losing battle.

There’s also the fact that I’m sure I’d get a lot more writing done if I was only cleaning up after my own mess – because I don’t make much of it except for clothes on the floor in my room and they’re usually dealt with by my laundry bag. And that’s the thing about my room: there’s not enough of it for the amount of crap I own.

I know, I know… Throw things away…

But I don’t want to. Most of it is books or papers and the rest is clothing and shoes (and a stash of glassware in my cupboard). That’s what takes up the room. Oh and my hat stand. I have a lot of hats. And a lot of coats. Just a lot of outdoor wear in general. It’s trousers I tend to lack in. Or socks that don’t have holes in. And shoes.

Damn, I’m not very girly. I have shoes but there aren’t tonnes of them. I have one pair I wear almost constantly and then four pairs of heels, a pair of high heeled boots, Madfish and two pairs of sandals. For a girl, that’s not a lot of shoes. A good friend of mine is closing in on seventy pairs of shoes. I wish I had seventy pairs of shoes (at least then I’d actually have something to match my outfits instead of wearing things the way I do).


I’m busy yet again this weekend. I’m supposed to be going to a barbecue tomorrow afternoon (though I’m anticipating it will rain, sadly). And then I’m sure there are other such things that will creep up and take up my time, hence the writing to you now.

I just wanted you to know that I’m particularly happy, I guess.

Signing off!

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3 thoughts on “Hard To Catch”

  1. I'm glad to know you're happy and I can see your writing is improving. With time and effort, and luck too because everyone needs that lucky break, I believe you will achieve your dreams, so hold on tight and believe in it. One day I will be walking up to you in a bookstore and ask you for an autograph.
    Best of luck with all
    Peter Raposo

  2. Congrats on the happy, that sounds like an awesome achievement. Also thanks for the weekly SatSunTails. I have a hard enough time participating in challenges I couldn't imagine hosting one.

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