#MarchMadness Fiction 3 of 4


Start a War

Aston pressed his face against the window only to meet the eyes of his twin. She scowled, angry and vengeful. Moments later, the door burst open in a flash of fire.

“What are you doing?” he hissed. “Is it really clever to do that in public?”

“Is it this? Is it that? What? Why? When? Where do you get off questioning me all the time?” Murder smouldered in her gaze. “She deserves it, anyway.”

“Who says? Morris?”

Sahereh’s malevolent smile tracked a fiery line. The black haired prince had asked her service in this pitiful human form. Destroy the cheerleader and bring down the school. It would be so simple, especially for a goddess of war.

“You’re trailing him around again, aren’t you? Don’t you know he uses his damn lust powers on you?”

“Aston, you’re a fool. For all the questions you ask, you only falsely accuse.” She flicked back a strand of hair as the planted cigarette packet in the girl’s bag took light in the locked house; the human’s parent’s asleep in their beds. “His desires don’t work on goddesses.”

“You know that would be incest in this mortal form?”

“A devil with a problem sinning, Aston?” She cocked a delicious smile, eyes gleaming. “I’ve never heard of such a thing.”

Part of the #MarchMadness blog challenge, you’ll find one more of these posts during the rest of the month but please check out the other entrants!

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3 thoughts on “#MarchMadness Fiction 3 of 4”

  1. Very curious about the war starting here, and about Aston and Sahereh. Twins but one's a devil and the other a goddess? And the devil seems the moral one…

    Somehow I feel like Aston's analysis of the lust powers is more accurate than Sahereh's, but either way I'm left curious what will happen. Personally hoping for a 'Aston saves the humans' scenario.

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