#MarchMadness Fiction 2 of 4


Royal Lip Service

A smile. Black hair. Cool lips. He watched as her pupils dilated close to him in the confines of the school showers.

Her breathing was shallow, just like her.

Fingertips parted her moist mouth and trailed down her barely covered body. Crop top and short shorts. Tanned thighs on display. He liked his sinners with a good helping of vanity.

He’d been at the school a year – a secret prince with a secret mission to bring them all down to his fiery level. And he planned to bring her to her knees. Her teeth crushed down on the gag with desire, lusty hands meshed to the shower sprinkling them in a fine mist.

She would come to her knees. She would beg him. Before long, he would be all that she could see.

This wasn’t it, though. This was simply making her want him more than air. Then he’d destroy her. Piece by sordid piece. First her body. Second her family. And third her soul.

Nobody ousted him in algebra.

Least of all some silly human girl. She had to learn. She had to be educated. Nobody crossed a demon prince. He slipped his tongue between her too pink lips, tasting the heat of her mouth before tracing back and trapping the line of her mouth between his teeth.

Enough to cut. Enough to know her blood was already tainting.

Part of the #MarchMadness blog challenge, you’ll find two more of these posts during the rest of the month but please check out the other entrants!

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3 thoughts on “#MarchMadness Fiction 2 of 4”

  1. Loved the sensuality in this one, and how thorough his revenge was over the algebra issue… This piece is beautifully charged with everything that must have led up to the scene and all that must come after it.

    My favorite line was "Her breathing was shallow, just like her." which created a different image of her in my mind from her ousting him in algebra–which makes me wonder if one image was wrong or if the tainting had already changed her.

    Very awesome.

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