Take Apart The Demon, In The Attic To The Left.

Let’s see… Things that have happened. Well, my birthday night out for one, but I will talk about that after this first important bit that happened two days later.

My cat, unfortunately, died.

Obviously the above is an old photo of us together, back when I only wore glasses and had my natural hair colour (in case you were wondering). His name was Smokey and he was a beautiful cat despite his discrepancies.

He wasn’t the most mentally able – he’d been brain damaged as a kitten, which is one of the reasons why we’re not sure how he died. It could have been that he finally had a massive fit, which seems likely as there was no blood from his mouth like you expect with a car that has been run over.

My mum called me when I was on a night out two days after my birthday drinks (catching up with people I’d missed) to say that she couldn’t find him anywhere and then she went to speak to a neighbour who’d found a dead black cat earlier that day. Turns out the neighbour made a mistake when she’d told me about the cat.

‘Cause he wasn’t black. He was grey.

And it was our Smokey.

I’ve tried not to think about it so much since it happened, which I guess is why my chest feels tight now and my eyes are pricking a little. I didn’t see his body. I wouldn’t watch them bury him the garden.

Denial, I suppose.

He used to follow me around the house like a shadow with his wonky walk and his barely seeing eyes. He was pretty troubled. And a sexual deviant. Any teddies in my room, or clothes, or fur throws or… anything… and he’d try to shag it. No joke. He’d carry it in his mouth to the top of the stairs, mewl and then get on with it.

All my stuff. No one else’s.

My little stalker fan cat.

And now he’s dead.

So yeah. That was pretty rubbish. But yeah, always happens in February. Every year. The week of my birthday is filled with something horrible happening. Every year. Everything falls apart in February.

Anyway, I’ve managed to start writing again. It keeps trickling out, but I’m feeling this new piece (you may notice the new word count on the left). I need to get to editing the other too.

Birthday night out was on the Thursday, though I discovered to my chagrin that they’ve upped the cheap drinks night by 50 pence. Anyway, it was a pretty long night. I was walked home by two people (one of whom fell asleep on my sofa). Stayed awake until my mum got up for work and then the sleepy friend went home to bed and the other friend insisted I stay awake.

So we walked to his and his lovely girlfriend’s place where he cooked us all breakfast and we watched Gone In Sixty Seconds. Then I crawled home to sleep… where I found a BLOODY LOVELY red coat waiting for me from the awesome Miss ‘Timony.

It is so awesome. I am in love with the coat.

In case you can’t guess. Winking smile

And this is me and my three lovely ladies a couple of nights later. It was a pretty good night despite the cat death…

Anyway, I have another post coming up next Wednesday for you that I wrote last week at some point. It has a few bits of poetry in. I’m sure more will accumulate over the course of the week, however, and then you’ll get to read even more and try to figure out what’s going on inside my head.

Please enjoy all the photos I posted. Click them if you want to see them bigger, though I don’t advise it. I look pretty drunk in a few…

Birthdays, eh?

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4 thoughts on “Take Apart The Demon, In The Attic To The Left.”

  1. So sorry about your cat Rebecca. Our cat is getting on and I don't even want to think of how much hurt will fill our household when her body finally decides that it's had enough. Glad you had fun on your birthday, though.

  2. I'm so sorry that you lost Smokey. What a beautiful cat. It's devastating when they go. Also, I get the birthday-coincides-with-tragedy thing. My birthday is next week. Here's to nothing happening. Cheers!

  3. Thank you, ladies. I really appreciate the condolences. It hasn't entirely set in yet, I don't think. It's a very odd feeling.

    And, Mercedes, I hope your birthday goes beautifully next week and that you enjoy it with no mishaps at all!

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