3rd #SatSunTails Winners

& so we have our third #SatSunTails winner!

I’ll hold another one next weekend and hope slightly more people enter. If you can help by promoting it on your blogs, twitter, G+, facebook, tumblr etc, that would be great. I’m not getting as many entries as I’d like and I really don’t want to have to stop doing this as it was aimed at helping other writers, but if there aren’t enough entrants then I won’t be able to continue.

But for now, let’s get to the winners!

Runner Up Mentions


I sincerely adored this story. After all, there is a beauty in all of us, right? And I think Meg brought that out perfectly in her take on the prompts.


I do love Jeffrey’s writing (which I’m sure he knows by now), but I felt the transition between what was happening in the penultimate and final sentences was a little too fast. Other than that, his piece was as stunning as we are all wont to expect and that was the only reason his story was left in the top two.

Overall Winner


Despite the fact that he claimed I was a sadistic Mr Miyagi (though I do rather like that idea), I thought the piece that Leo wrote was actually rather brilliant in a deliciously thought provoking way. See what you think.

Winning Entry

Universes contrive themselves outside of space and time. Super dense balls of energy, waiting, forming. Yet unready, they wait age upon age to spawn eons and light years, planets and stars, organisms and species.

So dense. So uniform. Some explode early in brilliant sparks of light only to burn out as matter cancels anti-matter. Others tarry too long, shooting streaks of dust too far apart for gravity to take hold.

Those keen enough to support existence, wait for sub-quantum bugs to dig, introducing fluctuations in density. Enough for one in five-billion particles to survive. Enough to form hydrogen and helium, and even carbon, the building block of life.

What are these infinitesimally small bugs possessing no other purpose than tunnelling though the makings of all existence. It is not for us to know. For we live in this universe, and they, beyond it. With burrowing ineptitude, they facilitate all creation.

Critique Mentions

Now, as promised, I shall critique those entries that didn’t make it. Today’s reasoning, it has to be said, is based on very small details due to the lack of entries and therefore range in the competition (AKA you all did rather brilliantly)…


Proof of how tiny the margin between entries was is the reason why Andrew’s story didn’t make it. There were just a couple of places where an “it’s” should have been an “its” (easy way to sort that is to read it as it is supposed to be with an i for ‘it is’ where the apostrophe should be. For example, ‘it licked it’s scales’. Clearly that should be “its”, as in belonging to it, because if we read it with the ‘i’ back in we get ‘it licked it is scales’, which obviously doesn’t make much sense) and a ‘to’ should have been a ‘too’.


This was a great tale, however, there was the smallest issue of the switch in tenses halfway through.

So thank you to all of those who entered.  The criticism is never meant to harm. It is there to help you better your writing and someday win overall. I’m sure it will also benefit those who were not criticised. I hope this has helped you as well as encouraged you to join in again next week!

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4 thoughts on “3rd #SatSunTails Winners”

  1. Thanks for the critique Rebecca. I have a real problem with switching tenses in all of my stories and it's my Beta reader/editor who usually catches it for me. I have the contest logo on my blog but I will try to give it more exposure on twitter as well. I only have time for 2 of these competitions each week and yours is one of them (Lillie's FSF is the other). I would really miss this contest if you stopped hosting it.

  2. Thanks so much. I was rooting for Spawn, but I'll take it 🙂

    Now about the future. This is a very good prompted contest. Offering the critiques makes it special among the myriad other contests. Here are a few suggestions to make it successful.

    1) We should all promote this by writing posts on our blogs and guest posts on friends' blogs if they'll let us. It would be good to focus on this as a contest for experienced and new writers alike. Let everyone know about the critiques.

    2) Fix the captcha. To post a story we have to fill a captcha, to add a comment, we have to fill a captcha, to encourage another writer by commenting on their post we need to fill a captcha. It's difficult to be encouraging with all the captchas. I recommend setting the captcha once per session. I know it can be done, because If seen it on other blogger sites.

    3) Offer a forum for rewrites. If someone wants to rewrite their story and get a critique, we can do that outside of the contest, but in a single forum. It would be fun, and could really help new writers. This would keep some of us more engaged.

    That's my $.02

  3. That's great advice Leo, especially about being able to rewrite our stories. If you notice, I am always on the critique list and I actually gain more from that than I would from winning. I only have 2 for 2 contests a week and this is one of them, primarily because of the critiques. I didn't realize we could change the captchas. I just moved my blog from wordpress to blogger so I'm still getting familiar. 🙂

  4. Thanks guys. The promotion would really help out to bring fresh blood to the competition, I have no doubt. And thanks to Wendy for already placing the badge on her blog.

    In regards to the captcha, I have no idea how to sort that so it only appears once. I'd take it off completely, but recently (even with the captcha) bits of spam have been slipping through so I'm sure you can see why I'd be unwilling to do that. If someone can explain how to sort it as Leo has said, though, I will fix it.

    A forum would be a good idea, but sadly I wouldn't have time to run such a thing as well as everything else that I need to do day to day. This is the primary reason why I only wanted to choose three stories to critique. If, however, somebody would be willing to create a forum somewhere and take charge of it then I would be willing to leave a link to it at the end of every winners post each week.

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