Valentine Fiction 4 of 4


Engraving Hearts

The duct tape stopped him from moving, hands strapped to the worn fabric of the old Volvo. He wondered who would find him. Scratch that. He wondered if anyone would find him.

She’d parked the car a long way from anything.

Any other day he might have appreciated the vibrant grasses and the soft melody of the great outdoors, but today? Today he wished he’d got her something more expensive than a locket.

Sally hadn’t moved from the open boot. She knew he couldn’t see her beyond the raised metalwork, but still she’d stalled. Surgical tools lay arranged neatly before her. Her intention had been to…

Well… She wasn’t sure what her intention had been.

Perhaps to scare him? How did you scare demons?

Maiming him in some way had seemed like an option, but her hand had trembled as she’d reached for the scalpel and now she stood frozen in indecision. Her heart fluttered wildly in her chest. He’d told her he loved. A demon had told her he loved her.

And she’d believed him.

How could she have been so stupid? Her reflection flickered in the stainless steel. He’d been seeing someone else. He’d warned her that he could be like this, but she’d thought…

What had she thought? How could she be so silly to think she could keep all of his heart for always?

Lips pursed together. She picked up the scalpel, cold metal sliding between her fingertips. It was just to scare him. Tears squeezed tight through her lashes. Just to show him how much he was hurting her. It would heal immediately anyway.

If only he hadn’t given her that locket…

It wasn’t the Valentine’s present that was at fault. It was him. He should have checked that it was Sally’s name engraved on the back and not his whore’s.

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2 thoughts on “Valentine Fiction 4 of 4”

  1. Wow, how poignant… She still loves him in spite of all the reasons that should have kept her from loving him in the first place–and he doesn't even know that the problem was the inscription as opposed to the locket…

    I absolutely love this one–and am so totally on her side/in her mindset that I need to believe that somehow things can work out between them. That somehow the demon can love her, and either be faithful or that together they find some way to make it work.

    Amazing. I also love that even as a demon he would normally appreciate the sunny day and nature–lends credence to the idea that maybe he can love.

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