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She closed her eyes, not waiting long to feel the soft curve of heat press gently against her lips. He tasted of every fantasised kiss but so much better. The raw gentleness of his mouth tested her, finding her tentative response with surprise, but didn’t withdraw.

Instead he kissed her again, as if checking that the first was real and wanted. Lips moved in the dark with tender reply.

Inside, she knew she should stop. Inside, she wondered if he was thinking straight. Inside, she gave over to everything. Thoughts and words converged in the most intimate of shares. “We shouldn’t do this…”

Lips still on lips until…

Cool metal pressed against her throat. She blinked, pupils dilating in a different way. He smiled on her startled face and inside she felt the barbs tighten around her heart. “What are you doing?”

“I’m just as fake as you, sweetheart…”

He produced a photograph from somewhere. The polaroid gleamed in the dim light, a snapshot of the docks in the dark. She squeezed her eyes shut in sudden understanding. “Is this…?” She looked up at him, irises vibrant and blue. “Is this what the note was about?”

He smirked, low light cutting harsh lines into the channels of his face. The soft expression of sweet ecstasy no longer lingered there.

“I’ve been tracking your kind for a long time. You’re not natural. You need to be exterminated.”

The wire cut through the flesh of her heart. She swallowed down the lump in her throat, tugging the bed sheets close around her naked body.

The gunshot rang out, unheard, blood spraying the pillows in a flurry of feathers. He’d stripped her bare to bring her to her knees. The photograph fluttered to the ground, her moonlight silhouette, tail flipping, in the sea.

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8 thoughts on “Valentine Fiction 1 of 4”

  1. I don't think Timony exaggerates at all–your worlds, characters and sensual details are all most worthy of great and many accolades.

    Maybe mermaids are different in this setting from popular depiction, but I'm more inclined to say I don't like the guy here. The unwavering hunter of the supernatural is an edgy character to begin with, but mermaids are definitely the wrong side of the good/evil line to be hunted in my opinion.

    Really feel for her here, sounds like a Little Mermaid gone wrong.

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