Divine Hell: Violence


She steadied herself, breathing through her nose with closed eyes. Eventually her hold on the door jamb relinquished. Her hands shook before her face, spattered in red.

Her wolf form had resisted the change but the beast inside had been uncontrollable.

It was her mother’s fault. If only she hadn’t insisted that Keera come help in the kitchen. Dinner was supposed to be stir fry, but now the lunchtime sauce covered the counters.

She’d been told to cube the raw meat. It had smelled so delicious that she couldn’t help herself, licking the excess off her hands… and then devouring… devouring so much that she couldn’t stop.

It was an insatiable, angry hunger that crippled rational thought.

She hadn’t meant to ram the knife through her heart, but she’d wanted to. Her hand wiped across her blood stained lips, her mother staring blindly from the floor.

Follow along tomorrow for the fifth instalment of the Divine Hell challenge.

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2 thoughts on “Divine Hell: Violence”

  1. Uh… Is this the same girl from Fraud? I kinda figured growing up would be hard for her, but I would not have called this scene. Wow.

    For some reason my favorite image/concept associated with lycanthropy is the hunger suddenly tied to raw meat–so I of course loved that here.

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