Divine Hell Fiction: Fraud


She petted the wolf, smoothing his sleek fur and curling against his warm hide. His breathing resounded against her ear. He sensed her calm as she slowly drifted into sleep.

The tip of his tail flicked.

She didn’t know what he was. It was perfect. She thought he was just a big dog that she could cuddle, but that was so very far from the truth.

He nuzzled her hair with his warm snout, snuffling her childish scent. She didn’t know what she would grow up to be. The cub stage had worn off and now she would know no different until her teenage years when her first change occurred.

He snuggled tighter to her in the cold woods, pine needles beneath their bodies. He was no dog. He was a wolf and so much more. One day she would discover the truth…

That her pet was actually her father.

Follow along tomorrow for the fourth instalment of the Divine Hell challenge.

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5 thoughts on “Divine Hell Fiction: Fraud”

  1. And yet also a little creepy, existing in one relationship with the ever looming revelation of a totally different relationship.

    Love the warmth and the connection, but if the pet->father reveal comes without sufficient preface I imagine it'll be quite shocking for her.

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