Divine Hell Fiction: Limbo


Stuck in between life and death was not where she wanted to be. Through the fogged existence she could see her body lying cold on the snowy ground.

One step through the gateway and she’d be home forever…

There would be no more pain. No more hurtful lies. No more inner agony. She could be free of it all. She just had to take a step through that last gate and go through to find final death.

So why had she stopped?

Her eyes locked on to the monochrome image of her own form. She could go back to that life, that restless, hateful existence. All she had to do was move back…

Was this what she really wanted? Was it worth all of this?

She’d taken the necromancer’s step in a moment of weakness, a cleaner, less painful suicide than mortal matters… But was it really what she wanted?

Follow along tomorrow for the second instalment of the Divine Hell challenge.

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1 thought on “Divine Hell Fiction: Limbo”

  1. Beautiful imagery with the body on snowy ground, I felt the chill of the scene even though my computer corner is quite warm.
    A fascinating self-created Limbo of stopping partway between life and death and then not being sure whether to go forward or back. Very nicely done.

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