The World Was On Fire

Why do you delete somebody out of your life? Maybe because part of you can’t bear that they’re there any more. Or maybe it’s because it hurts to see them, hear them, breathe them…

It’s so easy to erase… at least only with technology.

And typing that has made me realise how I’ve tried to do what Clementine does on a whim in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Except I can’t erase everything. Just like her.

I was going to hit this post up on tumblr. I was going to write a letter. Perhaps I still will when the server goes back up. I’m having a coherent moment, though, where thoughts aren’t so shrouded in mystery and meandering fog so I need to get this down while I can.

Did you figure that out already? Did you notice the sporadic posting of clear moments as and when they need to breathe?

Breathing… I give you my breath.

Brilliant song.

Love is blind. Love doesn’t see the outer you. It sees what lies beneath and loves that.

I hate it when people say they can’t understand why you love them…

Really, I do. Then they ask you why and you want to club them over the head. What the hell does that question mean?! Nobody knows why they love someone specifically. It’s not like there’s an instruction manual that comes with the damn thing!

I can tell you I love certain things about you. I can tell you things you do that I love. But why do I love you?

There is no why.

It’s not some materialistic bullshit. I don’t love you because you have pretty eyes. I don’t love you because we get on well and I can talk to you about things. I don’t love you because you’re brilliant at sport or writing or music.

I love you because of you. Because you are you. Because my heart is yours. It simply is. That’s it. No reason why.

I guess that’s why they say things about love at first sight. That you just know when your eyes connect. And the eyes are the doorway to the soul.

I don’t love you because of the things you do. And the things you do only show who you are. They are not who you are. Why don’t people get that?Love doesn’t care whether you’re tall or small, fat or thin.

Love is what love is.

And if you have any sense, you’ll do anything you can for true love…

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