November Fic


In accordance with @LadyAntimony’s November fiction challenge of 250 words, here is my offering:

My Tricksy Precious

“‘One ring to rule them all’… What bull is this? Where’s the original note?”

The paper crumpled in her hand, heavily lined eyes black with anger. How hard was it to follow a set of simple instructions? She should have done it herself. Always expect shoddy work if you send a demon to do a necromancer’s job.

“I thought that was the original note…”

“No. This is a joke. That’s what this is.” And it was no mistake the line was about a fictional necromancer, she was sure. That wraith must have gotten to it first. He’d probably swapped the ring too, thinking it funny.

He was in for a world of hell when she caught up to him.

She clicked her fingers, displacing the demon in a blaze of green fire. When she got her hands on the wraith she would make him pay. He knew she wanted the ring. He’d always known, capable of seeing her twisted heart through the flesh of her chest.

But not always. She’d tricked him last time.

And so this was his trick back…

Without the instructions she couldn’t use the weapon, a fact he knew only too well. He’d play her for them like he always played her, curling around her and squeezing until she gave up. But she’d given in to him too many times.

Not any more.

Besides, who’d have thought a wraith would be so cut up being left at the altar? He would have done it too…


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4 thoughts on “November Fic”

  1. I loved this! You have such an amazing way with words. I also demand you write more about this wraith and his vengeful(?) antics! Pretty please?

    A xxx

  2. Necromancer leaves wraith at the altar, wraith retaliates with a Lord of the Rings reference. As a fantasy fan that thoroughly resonates with me.
    Also like the demon minion and "I thought that was the original note…"
    Seems like there's a lot more going on here–funny how many of these flashes seem to pique curiosity as much as tell a story.

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