Halloween Flash Fiction: Week 3

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Pack Of Lies

He covered his eyes with trembling paws. “I’m telling you, they don’t exist. They never have.”

His brother leaned closer, holding the torch below his chin. Light scarred his face with sharp shadows and harsh lines. “Well, they say we don’t exist. Who are you to say the gormagon doesn’t if we do?”

“That’s different,” Seth whimpered.

“No it’s not.” The torch clunked to the floor, light flickering out, as the older boy scooted off the bed and crawled over to his own cot. He folded his arms, sulking below the duvet.

“How do you know?”

“Dad told me it ‘absquatulated’ years ago.”

“That’s not a word!”

“Yes it is!” Jake hissed, sitting up angrily in bed. “And the gormagon is too! It’s big and it has six eyes so it can see wherever you are. And three mouths so it can eat your arms and head all at the same time.”

Seth cringed, tugging the duvet over his head. Tears leaked out of his eyes. His brother was always telling him scary stories and saying he’d seen things when he’d been out with their dad, but Seth didn’t want to believe him. He was terrified of the day he had to go out into the woods with their dad too.

That day was his sixth birthday and that was tomorrow.

“You’re such a baby,” Jake laughed.

The bedroom door creaked open and both boys dived below their covers. “Bedtime, cubs. And Jakey stop scaring your brother with silly stories.”

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2 thoughts on “Halloween Flash Fiction: Week 3”

  1. Awesome! I love little werewolves telling each other horror stories about even more bizarre monsters. Great way of working in the obscure creature and word for the week to have it be part of children's stories.
    I love Seth, he seems really cute and sweet!

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