Sunshine Of Your Love

Every now and again I like to post some of my poetry up here. It doesn’t always make sense so I ask you to understand of it whatever you will.

I hope you like these pieces. As always, they are pieces of me that I perhaps don’t voice as I should. Hopefully, they are more beautiful written down than they could ever truly be spoken out loud in hurried words.

[This poetry post started & finished circa 08/10/11 – 15/10/11]

In Memoriam

Learn to ignore the memories of the past
Learn to embrace the plans for the future.
Not everything is made to last
But something’s are always there for sure.


Sun & Sea

A hurricane over my heart;
A feeling of being apart.
A whirlwind when we are together;
You could knock me down with a feather.
Travelling so fast in this motion;
Reeling like a ship in the ocean
But bathing in your sunshine
Tangled in a hook line
Not wishing to be free
In the stretching sea.


Chocolate Bottle

Feel the release of your stressors
Listen not to the digressers.
The babbling bubble of your heart
Is the place where you should start
To learn how to release
That kept by your police.
A riot in your mind
Makes all things hard to find.
But with a kiss on your cheek
Things are easier to seek
And understand in the layman’s light
Of a sudden second sight.


Three In Two

It’s not me. It’s you.
It’s not us. It’s who.


Every Me & Every You

Dancing around like broken butterflies
Relinquishing our every sighs
To something burning and bruised.
Love was tainted, pulled and used
Every heartache it was abused
Leaving living so confused.

Bloodstains on the carpet
Falling from the parapet
It does that to you
It drags you through.

Blinded to the token fake
And the forsaken sake.
Give our love to something better
That we will never fetter
To pale indifference
Of the preying sense.

Can’t be someone hard of heart
Someone to tear us all apart.
Shreds of innocence I expect
All I have is circumspect.
Mould your lips to mine,
Take a piece with every line.

Don’t understand what you had to do:
Something pleasant and craving true.
Eyes so wide, I always knew,
Keeping closed, showing few.
Take this mask and read my eyes
Read between the faded tries
Of keeping lost to you.
Haunted by the hunting pasts,
Telling me that nothing lasts.

Painting fear upon the walls
Putting up all these frail stalls.



Hungry but can’t eat
Tired but can’t sleep
Burning up and throwing out
Freezing up and falling down.
Sickness on sickness is still
Loading up and taking your fill.
Trust thrown open
Steadied and broken.
Hurting like this
Because of a kiss
You shouldn’t have give
Or ever let live
When nothing you felt was real
And is everything I feel.
Hurting so much.
Lost. Out of touch.
Should have seen this coming,
Should have kept running.
Asked you if you meant it.
You assured me that you spent it
With every ounce of yes
And not a second guess.
So what happens now, my liar, my cheat,
When suddenly our hearts cannot meet?

Help me here. Say something new.
Make it good. Stop all of this blue.

I don’t understand this sudden change
This turn of a circular range.
This back step & change of heart
This messy, muddled, bloody art.

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1 thought on “Sunshine Of Your Love”

  1. "In Memoriam" is my personal favorite of these. Succinct, elegant and with a resonance of truth for me.
    In particular the last two lines, "not everything is made to last,
    but some things are always there for sure."

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