Those of you on twitter may have noticed that I disappeared after posting last Friday’s piece of flash fiction, Cinders, and didn’t return until some time on Sunday. Saturday was a planned disappearance but Friday was not.

Things kicked off once more in our household on Friday night. Regular readers may already know what’s coming. Those who don’t, well…

My brother, Master Berserker, started a huge argument…

The argument started because my brother wants to throw out a wardrobe my mum bought him (it was expensive and he was given the choice of what he wanted in the first place) to buy a set of drawers for his room instead. And then it progressed onto how he hated us all etc etc.

Eventually he tore off the gravel drive in his little car, leaving his girlfriend in tears and my mum still angry. He returned about ten minutes later, stormed upstairs and started crying extremely loudly. My mum went up to talk to him. More arguments ensued and eventually she came downstairs, stating that she was ‘going for a drive’.

So our house was fun and games. Instead of sticking around for more of the same I decided to go visit friends at their band practice. After that we went out for the night and we were out again on Saturday. So as you can tell, it was a pretty busy weekend.

Master Berserker had yet another tantrum last night because he was asked to leave my mum some bread for a sandwich as her packed lunch today. He didn’t and started spouting more rubbish about how he hates us and how he barely eats anything unless he’s bought it himself (despite the fact we have nothing left in the fridge or cupboard any more thanks to him). However, he seems to have forgotten these ridiculous claims during the night and eaten the extra risotto I’d made up last night for my lunch today.

Words cannot express how much I wish I could do something about him, but I can’t. And the only person who can is my dad, Blindy McBlindBlind, yet he won’t because my dad doesn’t do discipline or standing up to my brother. I get so tired of it all.

Also, I may or may not have told you exactly what he has done to his car. It’s a small white Fiesta. And he’s affixed teeth to the front of it…

Think I’m joking? Here’s it when it was half done:

Now he has all the teeth attached to the front instead. He’s also planning on dying the seats, the insides of the doors, the rack at the back and the dashboard fabrics white and black. Oh… And did I mention he wants a whale tail spoiler?

Anyway, on a happier note… I may have some secret ‘life news’ for you at some point soon. I guess we’ll have to see when I decide to tell you lovely blog readers.

Winking smile

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