3, 2, 1 & You’re Back In The Room

Technically, this is my second week back at work but, as the first week started on a Wednesday, I’m still counting it as my first week back. And what a tiring first week back it’s been. I forgot just what an exhausting job it is.

I know it’s not for long in the morning and the evening, but you cram an awful lot of exercise into that time and you have to concentrate really hard while you’re doing it (plus there’s my 40 min walk to and from work twice a day). There are also a lot more kids and parents now. Or so it seems. And a lot of the kids have switched from the infant schools to the juniors, or the juniors to the secondary or have left the secondary. Some of them have just started the infants too or they’re going to nursery with their parents.

It’s really nice being so appreciated as well as being a part of their lives. They really love to talk to you and tell you about their day (even if their parents are in a rush), which is so lovely that they feel they can do that.

& something else happened this week…

I should be getting a little car! At the moment it belongs to my sister-in-law; however, she and my brother are moving to New Zealand and are getting rid of anything they can’t take with them. They’ve been having trouble getting rid of the car (there’s nothing wrong with it but nobody is buying them right now and they need a quick, definite sale).

I mentioned that I’d love to buy it but didn’t have the money to… And so my mum offered to take it off their hands for £150. Considering the car is worth about three times that, it’s a really good deal plus my brother and his wife can keep the car until they go in November. I’ve also managed to find a cheap insurance quote that I can afford. So yay!

I’ll have my very own car.

Of course, in due time I’ll pay my mum back, but having a car gives me the opportunity to actually get another job and have some more cash in order to pay her back. Also, I’m thinking of calling the car Pandorica in a reference to Doctor Who, because…

Well, this may shock you my friends, but…

I’m the Doctor.

No really, I am. Don’t just shake your head! I’ll cry…

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