Forming Thoughts

As you know, I’m nearing the end of my current WIP, Preying on Time, and I’ve been dithering over writing the ending. This is not because I don’t know what happens in the end or because I’ve suddenly found that I dislike the story immensely.

The truth is that I slow down for endings. I’m not willing to simply get on and write them usually because it means the end of one novel and the beginning if something new.

And I always have new ideas floating around to be written.

Currently I have quite a few all screaming out to me, including a possible second novel to Preying on Time. As it stands, they are all waiting in line for me to finish writing the ending before I can cross over to new things.

The beginning of this second novel is tentatively hidden away in a Word document while other ideas creep around my computer like ninjas in the dark. One of these ideas was born from a dream and is of a dystopian nature.

I think it will be a first person piece, unlike Preying on Time which has been a more comfortable write in third person. But every piece has its different traits. The dream began in the pouring rain in a car and that’s where it starts in the short beginning I’ve scribbled down.

The problem is that I have another story idea hanging around in notes. It’s a middle grade (MG) fantasy that has been hanging around in my head for a while.

Of course, this totes up my novel ideas to three. Then there are the three next novels in a series I haven’t finished and haven’t had published. There’s a half-finished historical romance hanging around in some drawers and some pieces that I need to get around to editing because they were written some years ago and their quality is not of my current standard.

Obviously, my priority is my current WIP and newer, better ideas than a lot of my old pieces. Not to mention, I like to keep up with my short online pieces – one of which will be up tomorrow as the regular schedule requests.

If you can’t wait, click here for some flash fiction pieces.

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1 thought on “Forming Thoughts”

  1. Yeah, I know the feel of stories floating around in such dense clouds you couldn't hope to ever pin them all down and get them presentable.
    For me I've found the trick is to plan my stories in extreme detail, and then when I actually start writing them to get the whole thing down in as few sittings as possible and if I'm lucky that doesn't leave time to slow down at the end.

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