Losing Your Inkheart

Today is a quiet day. I haven’t had a lot of quiet days recently. There has been much to do and many people to see and distract myself with. Distractions are good to a certain extent, but not when they are also distracting you from writing.

Mostly, I’ve been trying to ignore my emotions. I figured I could. If I ignore them then I don’t have to think about things. The problem with that is that I lose heart in the things that I really enjoy doing and I just can’t function when I try to do them.

One major thing that I’ve been lacking in recently is the heart to write.

I really haven’t had the heart to write recently. I can keep up with my short pieces because I know I have to in order to maintain the blog, but work on my novel has slowed. This is partly because I lack the heart to write and partly because I know I’m nearing the end.

When I start nearing the finish of any novel, I have a tendency to slow up because I know that soon the adventure that I was on will have to come to a stop. And nobody wants their adventures to end.

I try to avoid it for as long as possible, but I know that soon I will have to complete my journey.

The thing is, after I’ve completed it I’ll dive into the edits like nobodies business. Secretly, I rather adore editing. Most people like to chop bits out and make it more concise, but I already know that my first draft is concise and the story stripped down to its core. Editing is where I like to flesh things out, bring ghosts to life and just generally make the story so much better than it was by adding rather than taking away.

I’m hoping that I can kick start my ink heart in the next few days and get fingers to keyboard in a frenzy of ending glory. My novel’s personal Armageddon is calling to me as fervently as other projects are screaming for attention.

My plan for today is to get on with the WIP as soon as I’ve cooked dinner. Hopefully, distractions won’t destroy my hopes for the finale of (tentatively titled) Preying On Time, but life can be so unpredictable. After all, I have to keep up with my Aspiring Writers Pledge.

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1 thought on “Losing Your Inkheart”

  1. I definitely know the feeling of neglecting larger works while keeping up appearences with the shorter ones. That's actually where I am right now, though with the pseudo pre-existing plan to get serious about the larger writing next month.

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