Dice Games

I seem to be getting myself into an awful lot of challenges lately. Luckily these aren’t the kind where I have to turn up with a sword and duel…

Although, that would be quite fun.

This isn’t the kind of challenge where I have to dice somebody up with a blade. I don’t even have to dice with death. but the dice will be deciding my fate… or at least the fate of some more flash fiction!

A friend of mine suggested that instead of seven day challenges I should complete a 365 day fiction challenge. Somehow, I don’t think I’d find the time for that and I’m sure that the quality of my short fiction pieces would drop rather rapidly… so I’m afraid I declined on that one.

However, this latest challenge is different. Once again, my lovely challenger is the rather wonderful @LadyAntimony and you can find the details of the challenge over here. Basically the writing knights who have bravely set out on this noble challenge have to roll a die to discover the prompt of their flash fiction pieces.

Not only that, but this challenge will not be taking place over seven days like its predecessors. This challenge is a whole new roll of the dice (yes, I really did just make another dice based pun – you can thank me later). Instead of posting every day for a week I’ll be posting every Monday for the month of September. In fact, these are the very days you need to check back:

  • 5th September
  • 12th September
  • 19th September
  • 26th September

So please feel free to sign up to the dice games challenge or follow along with the #DiceGames hash tag on twitter. I’ll be posting the usual links on my facebook fan page so you will be regularly updated there too!

And this time the challenge will be even more moreish at…

1000 words!

Please tune in and have a read.

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