Challenge Complete!

As you are aware, regular readers, I was recently involved in @LadyAntimony’s Seven Days, Seven Virtues blog challenge.

This involved writing very short pieces of fiction on the seven virtues that counteract the seven sins.

There will be another challenge soon, but until then please feel free to revisit any of the past entries. You might also want to join in with the challenges.

I’d like to thank Lady Antimony for initiating the challenge and (if you haven’t already) I suggest you check out other entrants:

Lady Antimony
Margaret (charitygirlblog)
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And if you would like to revisit my entries, here is a quick run down with their seven sins counterparts:

LustSunday – Chastity
GluttonyMonday – Temperance
Greed – Tuesday – Charity
Sloth – Wednesday – Diligence
Wrath – Thursday – Patience
Envy – Friday – Kindness
Pride – Saturday – Humility

I’d also like to thank all of the lovely people who chose to comment on my writing. The feedback is really appreciated and I always read every individual comment even if I don’t reply to each one specifically.

In case you follow me on twitter or such, you may have noticed that I haven’t been around as often as I usually am. For a change I’ve been really rather busy. A friend of mine is in a band called Lipstick Sunbeam and I’ve been taking some photographs for them at their gigs.

It’s been really good fun and it’s kept my mind off other matters as well as letting me play around with my camera. It’s not a professional camera and I’m not a professional photographer, but I like the creative side of it.

So here are a few of the pictures that I took & the albums they’re from:

[Ollie – Lipstick Sunbeam]

[Spike – Lipstick Sunbeam]

[Neil – Lipstick Sunbeam]

[Lipstick Sunbeam – Pickering Festival]

[Lipstick Sunbeam – Pickering Festival]

[Neil – Lipstick Sunbeam]

[Spike – Lipstick Sunbeam]

[Neil – Lipstick Sunbeam]

[Neil & Spike – Lipstick Sunbeam]

[Lipstick Sunbeam – Ringside, Hull]

If you want to check them out, you can find them on their facebook page and have a listen to a few of their own songs. Incidentally, the black & white image they’re currently using as their profile picture is one that I took.

And this is a short bit from one of their live gigs:

Lipstick Sunbeam live at Driffield Calling… Georgies Bar.

Hectic things all done with, the posting schedule of flash fiction on Fridays should return to normal, too. Life gets so busy sometimes.

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