Virtuous Flash Fiction: Kindness

Seven days…
Seven saintly virtues…


It was the sweetest.

The poison drained from his body, filling her veins and curling through her velvet heart. Colour returned to his face, but her lashes remained shut.

She backed onto her heels, the venom unfurling in her brain. Her breath held, lips tingling.

Her eyes opened, beautiful and sad. He brushed her cheek with outstretched fingers.

Her flesh burned. The fever was catching, consuming.

“I don’t mind,” she murmured.

He begged her to undo the spell, return the curse.

“I wanted you to be my first kiss. And my last…”

Her smile was sad when she fell asleep.

This post is part of the Seven Days, Seven Saintly Virtues Blog Challenge started by the lovely Lady Antimony of the blogThoughts, Musings and Broken Promises.

Are your virtues this tender…?

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8 thoughts on “Virtuous Flash Fiction: Kindness”

  1. So tender! I've really enjoyed all your entries. I just went from reading Kathy's, to Zade's, to yours – all so different and brilliant in different ways. It's been a joy to read them all. This is incredibly heartfelt – I'm trying to work out how you've built so much pathos into so few words, you've done a great job with it.

  2. This really was tender and reminds me that the Virtues more so than the Sins really feel like they can boil down to a much more concise list as the sacrifice here could just as easily be Charity as Kindness. You capture Virtue as clearly as you had Sin, which is inspiring given how much I struggled with representing the Virtues. I think I've used inspiring in my last three comments now…

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