Virtuous Flash Fiction: Temperance

Seven days…
Seven saintly virtues…


Gold poured through the cracks, chinking as it hit the floor, growing the yellow mountain at its base. It piled forth, mounting up around his feet.

A slick smile slithered over her lips.

“Take it. Do as I ask.”

He looked at the money, feeling the emptiness in his belly. Life would be so sweet. He could buy so much food.

“Take it. Slit their throats…”

His family clawed at the rocks, trying to escape. The voice whispered again.

He put the knife down.

They hadn’t done anything to deserve it. She only wanted to turn his white soul black.

This post is part of the Seven Days, Seven Saintly Virtues Blog Challenge started by the lovely Lady Antimony of the blog Thoughts, Musings and Broken Promises.

Are your virtues this sacrificial…?

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8 thoughts on “Virtuous Flash Fiction: Temperance”

  1. I wonder who she is and why she wants to turn his soul black.

    I love that he's thinking about buying food, not how he could live like a king with all that gold. It shows alot of the poor boy's character. Well written indeed.

  2. So many questions. Who is this temptress? Why does she want the man's family dead and why does she want HIM to kill them? Ooh, you're good.

  3. Lol! Thank you all so much for the questions. It's nice to see that I can provoke such a reaction even with such a small word count.I'm glad you all enjoyed reading it so much.

  4. Just the opening "gold poured through the cracks" caught my interest. A good representation of Virtue, in that he clearly needs more money than he has (if not so much as is offered) and he still resists.

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