Flash Fiction No. 52


For Better, For Worse…

She spliced open the stitches, reopening the wound with the hefty blade. Blood slithered over her skin, dripping from her arm like thick, red rain. Breath hissed between her teeth. She needed to get it out.

The blade dug deeper into her flesh, twisting as it tried to reach the implant. There was no other way to do it. Her teeth ground together, ignoring the hot tears that stung her eyes. She was a supernatural. She was stronger than that.

There it was.

Excruciating pain snaked through her arm as she pried the implant loose from her bloody flesh, the stench of her own flesh filling her nostrils. It chinked to the floor. She watched it roll away as her body collapsed against the building wall.

Still holding the blade, her shaking hand smeared blood and sweat across her forehead while she wiped her fringe out of her eyes. Her eyes raised to his and he backed away. Fear and panic filled his expression skittering his limbs.

“Nuh uh… No way!” he cried, scudding out of her reach.

Her feet stumbled as she rose to her full height. Blood rushed to her face, dizzying her vision, but she batted it away as if it was a mere fly. The crimson knife glittered in her hand. “I have to get it out or they’ll find us.”


“And if they find us they’ll kill us.” She paused. “Just like Rufus.”

A shadow crossed his eyes, but he still stumbled back from her. Her muscles gleamed with cold sweat in the dim streetlight. She would force him if he refused.

“You can’t blame me for Rufus,” he whispered, voice hoarse. “I didn’t know he was going to do that. How could I know?”

“You’re his brother. It was your job to know.”

“And you were his wife!” he hissed angrily.

Charlotte flinched at the words. It had been over for years, but they’d kept up appearances for the sake of a cover. Now, that cover had been blown from within. How could Rufus have betrayed them like that? Had he never loved her?

“Look at me.”

He looked. How could he not have looked? She was pale, blonde and beautiful… and carrying a blade the size of his arm. He readjusted his glasses, wetting his lips. “I don’t…” His hesitation and the glance away that followed was all that it took.

Charlotte leapt on him, more beast than woman, and dragged his arm into her grasp. His attempts to free himself affected her as much as a gust of wind. She forced his arm down, warned him it was going to sting and then dug into his flesh. His scream pierced the air louder than an air raid siren.

She dug deeper and deeper, finding nothing.

When she turned back, she realised her mistake. The man beneath her had mutated. His mousey features were now athletic with serpentine eyes. This man was not Josef. It was a shape shifter.

It was Rufus.

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  1. Wow. A few little typos like "for years" instead of "four years", but as always you paint a very visceral image of the characters and setting that I find amazing. I particularly like the feel of the fantastic in our world.

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