Confess Your Sins

Not so long ago, I completed the Seven Days, Seven Sins blog challenge issued by @LadyAntimony. During the challenge I met plenty of fantastic writers and read some astonishing pieces of extra short fiction.

Now we’ve been challenged again, but this time we’re repenting…

The Seven Days, Seven Virtues challenge will commence on the 7th August. So once again you get a week’s worth of 100 word flash fiction from me and all of the other challengers.

And how do you find these virtuous writing knights?

Over on Antimony’s blog you can find her noble challenge, which lists links to the blogs of all the writers who have elected to participate. If you’re a writer and you want to sign up to the challenge, please do! The more the merrier, after all.

This time, we’re doing the challenge in order so you know what pieces you’ll find on every blog, every day. Here’s the list with the virtues opposite counterparts (their seven deadly sins)

LustSunday – Chastity
GluttonyMonday – Temperance
Greed – Tuesday – Charity
Sloth – Wednesday – Diligence
Wrath – Thursday – Patience
Envy – Friday – Kindness
Pride – Saturday – Humility

Afraid you’ll miss the challenge or forget to read the pieces posted here? Have facebook? Then it’s already been arranged for you. Just click the linky and RSVP to the event!

Want to find the links on twitter instead? Use the #7Virtues hashtag!

But don’t forget to confess your sins and repent on the 7th August.

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