Sinful Flash Fiction: Wrath

Seven days…
Seven deadly sins…


Her lips trembled, but she couldn’t get the taste out of her mouth.

It had flashed across her brain, drowning out all rational thought, sucking in every ounce of her humanity until nothing was left. Nothing except the beast.

Salty tears collected on her stained lips, mingling with the metallic taste of blood. She hadn’t meant to.

It had just taken over.

Shaking hands smeared away her hair, blonde slicked with red. It was supposed to be controllable by now.

If she had only ignored them… But they’d made her so very angry.

They’d made her into the wolf, again.

This post is part of the Seven Days, Seven Deadly Sins Blog Challenge started by the lovely Lady Antimony of the blog Thoughts, Musings and Broken Promises.

Are your sins this uncontrollable…?

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8 thoughts on “Sinful Flash Fiction: Wrath”

  1. 'You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.'
    I love it! I love werewolves and lycanthropes in general, just something about powerful emotion being able to literal transform you… Making it more than a metaphor for the character at least.

  2. Nice images in this peice, Not to mention you always have neat photos along side your stories. Do you make them yourself/ photograph & edit?

  3. I'm glad the comment posting finally worked, Antimony. And thank you to all of you for your amazing comments. I hope you all enjoy my last offering just as much.

    Glitter, I tend to take most of the images from photobucket (but only the ones that people have set to share) and copy them over to my own photobucket album so their urls don't get changed and break the link to the blog. I've written that I do that on my copyright page, because while I love the images I would never take credit for them. Occasionally I edit a few so the lighting/colour is right for the piece I need, but that's all. And if one of the images was a photograph I'd taken, I'd always point that out either in the body of the blog or in a small note at the end. Sometimes I spend ages looking for the perfect image, because I think if you're going to write a piece and include pictures they need to speak about the writing and not just be there to entice. I think my favourite image was for another werewolf piece, 'Are You Hungry For Blood?', where the initial image conveyed my thoughts exactly. (You can see for yourself here:

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