Before you get excited that I’m becoming a sociopathic serial killer like the guy in the film Se7en, I want you to know that this is, in fact, nothing to do with that. It is, however, a seven deadly sins blog challenge procured by a #UKWriter by the name of Lady Antimony. This is also a flash fiction challenge, which means lots more lovely flash fiction for you.

The challenge begins in just over a week for a week. That’s right. I’ll be posting a piece of flash up here every day for a week.

Every day one piece of flash fiction will go up. It will be 100 words in length and each post will cover one of the seven deadly sins. And what date will it start on?

7/7 of course!

So if you, too, are interested in taking part in the challenge, click on the button at the top of this post and put your name down on the list!

Remember, if you’re a glutton for a blog challenge or just greedy for good fiction, lust on over here from 7/7 onwards to get your flash fiction fix!

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