Trials & Tribulations

Last week I posted a piece of flash fiction early and disrupted my usual posting schedule. You may have wondered why that is. Well, I’m going to explain.

It was half term holidays, which (as a lollipop lady) I get off because there are no children to cross over the road to school. Lovely R and I had made plans to go and see a friend’s band, Lipstick Sunbeam, on the Thursday night so I’d expected to be pretty out of action on the Friday and definitely not awake/in the mood to post any flash fiction.

Thus, I posted it early and hoped you would all enjoy it as much as usual.

Now, on Wednesday night my friend got in touch to say that the venue had cancelled on them. This was because one of the members of another band was unable to make it due to unforeseen circumstances. Somehow, the pub thought it would therefore be a good idea to cancel the event, even though there were two other functioning bands still happy to play and fill the set list.

My friend was pretty annoyed. I was pretty annoyed. And I’m sure the other bands/guests were pretty damn annoyed too.

Anyway, R, my friend and I, instead, spent the night talking and drinking at my friend’s girlfriend’s house. It ended up still being a good night, despite us staying too late to call a taxi and having to walk back to town from the outlying village after 1am (but we’re hard core so it’s alright).

That hasn’t been the only problem I’ve had lately, though.

Windows Live ID Help…

I am so sick of Windows Live ID Help, but after well over a week, I still can’t get into my main account. I’ve had to transfer the majority of my email log-ins to my gmail account, just in case, and I’m seriously considering sticking with gmail after I get into my old account.

What’s my problem? Well read this (the third outline of my problem that I have left to the clearly incompetent support staff who just keep telling me to do what I have already done). I’m SalmonLikeTheFish for those of you who won’t recognise my snark. Points if you guess the reference.

Can you see why I’m frustrated?

I wouldn’t bother with the account, but there are probably still log-ins that are attached to it and that I have forgotten about. I also can’t retrieve my contact list because I obviously can’t get into my account or messenger to get it.

I’m hoping this issue will be resolved soon. As I’m getting seriously irritated by now. And you know what English people do when something annoys them.

Yep. We write letters to complain.

Hard core, I’m telling you.

Hard core.

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