Feel Free To eSlap Me.

A lot of things go through my head. They aren’t always things I can comfortably discuss with people or say out loud. A lot of the time I trouble myself over people’s reactions to whatever I might say and thoughts that they might have because of the things I’ve said.

To cut it short, I overanalyse a lot.

I don’t mean to and sometimes I wish it would just stop because there’s no need for it and I stress out more than I need to stress out. And I don’t really need to stress out much at all. Finances bug me a lot, but so do the people around me. Mostly it’s the important people that bug me and not always from what they’ve said or done.

What bugs me most is what they think or feel when I say or do something. It probably isn’t normal to obsess over it so much.

Obsess is probably a rather strong word for it. I know I’m just an anxious person. I’ve always been quite anxious, which has made me rather cautious and irritatingly motherly. I don’t like being those things quite a lot of the time.

The worst bit is when it sounds like I’m overanalysing people. I don’t mean to do that and I’m not always overanalysing them. Sometimes I just tie a comment in with something I’ve observed and realise there are other occasions where the comment has been relevant too. And what happens after that?

Then I worry that the person I made the comment to and about thinks that I’ve been overanalysing them and/or doesn’t agree with the comment and is annoyed with what they now assume is my view of them.

You see, I’m even tying myself up in knots over this blog post just discussing my circular, neurotic thoughts.

Feel free to e-slap me.

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