Flash Fiction No. 39


Forever Unforgiven

Eyes lifted to his but saw through him.

“Why do you bother watching over him?” drawled a seductive voice from the other side of the café.

There was no response as the observer continued his vigil. The kid on the other side of the table looked back down at his milkshake, stirring it slowly with his straw. He tilted his cap lower, his thoughts dribbling into the muted atmosphere.

“You could just give him to me,” she purred from across the room, all leather and lace and a tiger-like smile. She stalked closer, light glinting off the tight material of her thighs. “I promise I’ll take care of him.” Her fingers twisted in his golden curls, tickling the skin just below his ear.

He pressed his lips tightly together. This was a game to her. She wanted to toy with their lives.

Maybe I should go home…

The kid’s thoughts blurred the dim noise.

Cerise perched on the edge of the table, unseen by the boy and the other occupants of the café. All of them ignored her, carrying on their muted conversations as the observer continued his watch. Chest puffed out, she reclined on the table, sunlight skittering across the succulent V of her breast framed by stiff leather.

The watcher pressed his lips together, blood draining from them. He was an angel, not dead inside, but he knew her game. It was the same game she played every time they had the same interest. This was no different.

She ran her finely manicured nails over her flesh, licking her lips and toying with his loose spray of curls. The sunlight skimmed his set features. One day she would break him… One day he would hunger for her too much…

“You could give him to me, Nathaniel. You want to give him to me.”

Nathaniel swallowed, her fingertips grazing the dip and sway of his Adam’s apple. She was trying to tempt him. Tempting was her job.

No. I’ve got to stay…

“See, the kid is a lost cause, Nathaniel. Give him to me.”

His eyes slipped to the slow stroke of her fingers across her stomach before he could catch himself. She knew he’d looked and shifted onto her side, obscuring his vision of their combined interest. Her hair tousled about her shoulders.

His gaze reluctantly crept to hers. The corner of a smile tugged at her mouth and then she pressed her moist lips to his in a soul searing kiss.

“Nobody told me angels tasted so good.” The murmur played over his skin, his senses entangled in hers.

“Nobody told me fallen angels tasted so bad.”

She tilted her head, a wicked grin crossing her, her original target forgotten. “You speak, Nathaniel? I thought you weren’t allowed to speak to us lowly renegades.”

He watched her with unerring green eyes. He wasn’t supposed to feel this. Lust was for mortals not the ever present. But he finally understood why it drove them mad and reached for her sweet taste again, knowing he would be forever unforgiven for his weakness.

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  1. LOVE IT!!

    I'm going back through and reading all of your flash fiction pieces. This one spoke to me. I love the enemies-turned-lovers stories. ^_^ (I've written a couple myself. Or rather, I'm working on a couple.)


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