A WIP Adventure

A promise is a promise.

In a previous post [Aspiring Writers Pledge], I made the vow to regularly update readers on my WIP. Or at least as regularly as I could. Let’s face it, I’ll try as hard as I can but so much goes on in this crazy head of mine that I am likely to forget at some point.

But here goes…

So far, it’s going well. I’m up to 36, 035 words and counting (because I have the file open right now and plan to continue as soon as I finish this here post).

It’s still under the temporary name of Preying On Time, but that could all change and it probably will change should I ever get it published. I’m hoping so because I’m rather enjoying writing this particular story. Would you like to hear a little about it?


Well tough. I promised I’d tell you.

“He was a witness.

He was a dead witness.

A smile curled onto Violet’s lips. It was the best news she’d heard all night.”

These are my favourite lines from the WIP so far. I think they’re quite intriguing and they allow anyone reading them to come up with their own conclusion as to what the story is about. That’s my take on them, anyway. What do you think?

Violet is one of my main characters. She’s a detective in a future where the human race has mutated genetically to form separate types. I know it sounds very science-fiction with that quick description, but you have to remember that I concentrate mostly on urban fantasy so this is not going to be a romp in the sci-fi park.

Errors in the past have caused a deep prejudice in this future world leaving many of its inhabitants restless. Some of them are ready to go to extreme lengths to alter their present. They will steal, maim and kill in order to erase everything.

Because to change the future you must first rewrite the past…

That’s only a quick run through of some of the plot. I’m not going to go into further details. I don’t want to give too much away. I would, however, love your feedback.

What did you think of my WIP lines? Do you like the story idea?

Do you want to share something you’re working on right now?

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