I Wish I Was Interesting

But I’m not so you’ll just have to listen to me prattle on about my family instead.

First of all, though, I’d like to thank all of the new commenters. It’s taken about a year for us to get to this point, but I’m so glad you started commenting. I was beginning to think I was doing something wrong, but now I feel reassured. Thank you for your lovely words. I do read every comment. I may not reply straight away, but please forgive me for that. Sometimes I’m in a rush.

One of the reasons why I’ve been in quite a few rushes lately has been the continuation of my mother’s health problems. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, she’s been having some strange turns that were originally diagnosed by the doctor (yes I’m using this word as an excuse for David Tennant images) as TIAs (transient ischemic attacks – that’s mini strokes to you and me, and is supposed to be a warning of a serious stroke to come).

So we had a diagnosis, she was told to diet and quit smoking, and life was returning to normal.

Then she had another turn where I had to call the ambulance. Anyway, she came home. Everything was fine again and then a fortnight later we got a phone call. Her boss was on the line telling us that she’d collapsed like she was having a mini stroke again whilst in a conference meeting at work. She said they’d called the ambulance and my mum had been taken to the hospital again.

She spent two and a half days in the hospital before she got them to release her again. And the doctors at this hospital (a different hospital from before) thought that it was perhaps a migraine but without the head pain. Now that doesn’t seem quite right to me because she was getting pain but it was in her arm. You don’t get migraines in your arm unless your brain has been moved magically somehow.

She’s been to her GP since. Her GP thinks that it’s mini strokes despite the clear results on  all of the tests and DOES NOT think it could be migraines. We have a history of migraines in my family. My mum used to get them but she’s been on pills to control her blood pressure for years and that stopped them. I get them to a horrendous degree (mine are like mini strokes except I DO get extreme head pain and I DO get incredible nausea up until the point where I can’t even keep water down). So, personally, I agree with the GP.

The GP also said she was verging on diabetic and that she should stop smoking (she still hasn’t). I know it’s her choice to smoke or not to smoke, but I worry about her. She’s such a forceful woman, though, that I can’t try to sway her opinion. Unfortunately, my dad isn’t helping. He smokes too and he doesn’t want to stop. He’s getting to the point where he’s a chain smoker, too. It’s really quite dreadful. I can’t stand being in the room with him after he’s puffed off yet another cig.

What this boils down to, though, is that three out of four of the doctors think she’s having mini strokes and one thinks she’s suffering from migraines.

I really just wish that they would all make up their minds and decide what’s wrong with her so that we actually knew exactly how we were supposed to proceed. I don’t want my mum to go dizzy and drop to her knees every few days.

And I know she doesn’t want that either.

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