Goodbye February

It’s been a strange month filled with ups and downs (mostly downs, but I’ll try not to focus on them). I started off trying to affirm to everybody how happy I was with the way things have been going for me and was subsequently assaulted by an anonymous comment telling me to “stop moaning”.

I’d like to thank whoever it was for causing me to realise that there is simply no point in my trying to show people how happy I am because apparently they can’t interpret it and so I have decided to go ahead in a bloody minded way just writing whatever I feel like. After all, this is my blog. I should be allowed to write what I like here about my personal life without being slated for it.

If you’re here solely to read the flash fiction, then that’s fine. You don’t have to waste your time wading through my personal thoughts.

That’s why I label the flash fiction with numbered titles instead of the random ones that I fix these thoughtful posts with. It’s supposed to be a helpful note to let you read fiction instead of notes on my dreary life. If you stumble across into my personal rants (such as this one) then more fool you for not being intelligent enough to stick with the flash titled posts. I realise that may sound a bit harsh, but I’m sure it’s also a pretty reasonable ask.

All I’m saying is that if you have a problem with my personal thoughts then don’t read them. Simples as the meerkat says.

Speaking of flash fiction versus personal thoughts, I have received an awful lot more feedback on the fiction this month. Feedback (constructive, I might add) is always welcome. If you like a flash post then please do either click the little like box or leave a comment telling me so!

And you don’t have to sign in to leave a comment. You can do it without a log in and it will prompt you to share your name if you want to (which is always nice because I like to know who to address when I reply).

It’s also been a month of birthdays, deaths, troubles and work worries. The first three I won’t go into, but the fourth I feel obliged to after mentioning it in a previous post. As far as work goes, everything is pretty much back to normal. They got a lot of complaints from the parents who cross their children to school and back. So I got moved back up the road except that I have to stand one car length in as this will supposedly help the flow of traffic. I don’t think it will, but what do I know?

It’s a busy junction in the middle of a nursery, an infant school, two junior schools, a secondary school and a sixth form college plus (on the days when the market shuts off the main route to town) a thoroughfare for heavy goods vehicles. And you’re telling me that my standing further back will help traffic? I doubt it, but if that’s what the motorists want then they can have it until they start complaining again.

And then there was Valentines Day. I know a lot of single people really can’t stand it. I never really did when I was single because I didn’t have to buy a gift or bother looking at mushy romantic stuff because I had no one to squander it on. It seems silly hating a holiday about love.

Anyway, I got to see the very lovely R who arrived bearing a rose, which is always nice. We’re still happy, but I do apologise for the mush that occasionally trickles out of my mouth when he’s mentioned.

Just don’t mention it to him… Winking smile

Other quick things to mention are that the blog widget layout changed along the sides, as you may be aware. This means everything like my youtube channel, my facebook fan page, my twitter page, my myspace page and various others are all linked to up at the top on the right hand side. There are also links to my profiles on social network websites for writers and a box whereby you can ask me any formspring questions should you so wish (you don’t have to have a log in to do it).

I’ve even added a formspring respond button. If you click it you can respond to a question about the flash fiction on the blog. It will post to your formspring page and there will be a small link underneath leading back here so your friends will know what craziness you might be talking about.

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