Burnt Offerings


I don’t think I’ve posted these poems here before. In all likelihood, they have been stashed away in my MS Word document since the time of writing without another backwards glance.

All I am is time and space,
Compound thoughts in a worried face ,
Shattered visions turn to dust,
A society that’s growing rust.

In dark places, the truth still creeps;
In hypocrisy, the world, it sleeps.

And another…

Childish people calling childish names,
Childish people playing childish games,
Causing silly spats in rolling grass,
With your silly games, you silly ass.


And another…

Got to let the shower wash away all my sins,
Drown out all the thoughts and the pounding dins.
Sleepless information;
Crushing instigation;
Trying hard to keep everything from getting in.


And another…


Dark eyes,
Curled sighs,
Sleeping lips
Wanting sips
Of early love
Of earning stuff
To greet the red sky.
Oh open your eye
And glance at all the glory
Exploding from your story
Of early stuff
From burning love
With sated smile
That lingered while
You kissed sleeping lips
And touched fingertips
Wanting more and having all
Filled up inside from your fall
Sleep and fumble
Whisper to mumble
Closed eyes
Sated sighs…

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