So It’s Sunday

Yes, I’m being very imaginative with my titling today. Don’t yell at me. Everyone has to have a break sometimes and this weak title is mine.

My throat is feeling much better than it was. I’m still suffering from tickliness when I haven’t taken a tablet, though, so I don’t think I’ll be better any time soon (like tomorrow) but I’m getting there so all is good. My mum seems a lot better than she was, though she’s still getting dizzy spells and times when she feels overcome.

However, as much as I worry about her, there comes a point when having her at home just becomes stressful and irritating. Do not read this as ‘I don’t love my mum’. I do… but I think anyone knows that after so long they get bored and start prying more than usual and then decide they have to move the furniture around and find some fault in your life to pass the time away.

Or is that just my mother?

She’s driving me up the wall a bit with constant questions. Normally I only get these questions when she gets home on a night and I can usually avoid her enough then to negate any interrogation, but now I can’t. And yes, it really does feel like an interrogation. I think it’s because she’s too used to being in charge (considering her job) so now she feels she has to bully people to hear what she wants to know.

She’s always been quite like that, but now she’s even more so. It makes me feel like I can’t tell her things. And that doesn’t mean that I can turn around and talk to my dad, Blindy McBlindBlind, because he simply doesn’t listen and doesn’t want to listen. He’d rather read his newspaper or watch TV.

Now that’s not saying I’m wanting lots and lots of attention. I’d rather not have it, but I’d like it that I could talk to my parents and they would listen without treating me either like I’m an annoying fly buzzing around the room or I’m some kind of terrorist suspect that they have to interrogate. I’m sure there must be a middle ground, right?

I guess things aren’t that simple. That’s why I have you, my trusty journal, to scribble in whenever I need to release the pressure valve on my brain. I’m just kidding. I’m not really a cyborg.

So, my plans for this Sunday? I have none. My intentions, however, are to clean myself up a bit, make the bed and then get my head down and do some writing if I don’t get chores or distractions. I also apologise for not keeping up with this lately. I have been ill, which is mostly my excuse. Nevertheless, as you can tell, there has been a lot going on in my life at the moment as well.

So sorry folks. I don’t mean to ignore posting. Really, I don’t.

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