So This Was Christmas…

And what have I done?

Nothing illegal, if that’s what you’re asking. But I have had some rather lovely events transpire despite the wrinkles that my lovely brother, Master Berserker, has thrown into the mix. I guess you could say that it has, indeed, been a better Christmas than usual in our household. It’s certainly been cheerier at any rate.

And this was our house on the day in question:

You may see a cardboard box on the table. It might appear small, but I assure you that somebody crammed lots of gifts inside and shocked me with how much they had spoiled me. Regular readers of this here aspiring author’s journal have perhaps guessed that this was from R, my very lovely boyfriend, and that I am, indeed, not quite over the surprise yet.

Of course, when this box was emptied, it became a home to the cats of my house.

I also went out for a drink last night with R and a few good friends to celebrate the season. It was pretty cold and pretty treacherous to walk in the snow (when wearing heels as I was), but we had a fairly good time. We left our original meeting place for our second choice as there were far too many football fans crowding the pub… which never bodes well for a quiet get together.

As such, I have as yet had no time to write still. However, I have now finished with my second job and have more free time to scribble away to my heart’s content. Furthermore, there will be time for me to devour the Kelley Armstrong books that I was given for Christmas. As you may know, I am trying to build my collection of her Otherworld novels and received five of these for Christmas. Two are the same copy of one book, however, as they were given to me by two different people and I am very grateful to both for the thought. So, in no particular order, these are the books I received:

  • Frostbitten
  • Industrial Magic
  • Dime Store Magic
  • Haunted

If you haven’t read them and you’re inclined towards the urban fantasy genre… then I urge you to grab a copy from somewhere and give them a go.

Of course, reading the work of those that I admire means that I will be even more fired up to carry on writing with my own ideas. I’m so glad that I’ll have the time to do so, too. My plan for tomorrow is, actually, to run crazily through a few chapters of my new reads and then to dash off on a writing extravaganza. If I have time, I may even post a piece of flash fiction here.

Lately, you may have noticed, that my flash has been concentrating on werewolves, but I plan to craft something else in the next few days to invade your imagination.

Anyway, here’s hoping you had a brilliant holiday!

Signing off.

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