Bring On The Holidays!

It is the end of school term next week. Anybody who has kids may groan at reading that. I won’t because, being a lollipop lady, it means some nice time off and no early mornings for a couple of weeks. I do still, however, have to finish off my second job, which was only a temporary thing anyway. So on Christmas Eve, next week, I will be doing my last shift at mail order central. I may even see about going in an hour early on the two days I have after school ends.

This also means more time for writing and blogging and doing all of those things that I have been neglecting over the past month. I’m sure you’re so very relieved to hear that I will be back to annoy you with my crazy words.

It also means that I’ll be able to stop asking R for lifts, which I hate doing anyway. It’s unfair for me to ask and I wouldn’t do so unless I had any other real options. If it didn’t cost such an extortionate price just to get across our tiny town, I would take a taxi. On the upside, it means I get to see him a lot more… though I feel sorry for him considering he has engaged himself in my family’s Christmas Day… which is never very normal.

My family is far from normal, but on this particular day of the year, we tend to go just that bit further.

There are also several books and pieces that I have to read so I will endeavour to get these digested whilst I have free time. And, as I have mentioned, lots of writing will get done. It was nice to have some offers on my previous post in regards to beta readers, too. As I have mentioned, however, I’m not quite at that stage yet of needing them so the question was very pre-emptive, but I will get in contact with any who offer when the time comes around.

Anyway, I know this is a very short post compared to my usual rambles; however, I have been busy as I’ve said. I’m hoping to scribble up another piece of flash fiction, too, so any flash fiction statements you’d like to me use would be much appreciated.

As if I don’t have enough to concentrate on!

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