And it hits me… I need to get some writing done. I know, I know… For an aspiring author, I should be writing all the time. Unfortunately, life just isn’t that kind. I’ve been trying to do too many things at once as per usual and my room is such a mess that I’m having trouble finding all my notes.

Even I can’t keep an entire unwritten plot in my head!

On top of everything else, there’s the lovely fact that it’s Christmas in [look up at the countdown above!] so I’ve been sorting that out. In fact, my dad, Blindy McBlindBlind, is supposed to be getting our decorations out of the loft right now. He’s not, of course. He’s probably going to sleep on the sofa right now, but I will go and rouse him in a minute.

As far as writing goes, I do have the plot all sorted. All I need to do is find the time to continue with it. Luckily, school finishes soon so I won’t be working as much. This means I can spend my free time scribbling away (or tapping away, as the case may be, on the computer). I’m quite pleased with what I have so far, but it does need going over as soon as I can.

At the moment it really is the bare bones of things. It’s working title is simply ‘Time’, which seems a little ironic considering that I simply haven’t had the time to write it so far!

When it gets down to it, however, I’ll be needing readers… which is something I have never asked before, except for friends. It seems that most writers have beta readers, which is a term I’ve only come across since I finally decided I couldn’t bear not following my heart any more and started making determined plans to pursue this further. As I’ve gathered, beta readers are to help you see things that you may have missed and to help you get sorted for pouncing on an agent (somehow I reckon I wouldn’t get a very pleasant response if I actually did pounce).

I’ve always tried to get feedback from friends who are quite happy to read things, but the problem is that, sometimes, they are too busy to read it through or, in some cases, they aren’t critical enough. I don’t want them to rip my writing apart, obviously, but simply saying it’s good and giving no other feedback is not entirely helpful.

So if you would perhaps like to read my stuff for me in the future, then please feel free to comment. Likewise, if you’re more experienced on this beta reading thing and have any tips for me as to how to go about it at all.

I shall try to get to some writing later and if not, it will unfortunately be tomorrow. So I shall run off to rouse my father and get those decorations up to cheer my mum!

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6 thoughts on “Smack!”

  1. They definitely can!

    It can be difficult to get the right balance.

    I've been to some groups that are a bit too serious and stuffy. While others are fun but not organised or very productive.

    Of course you can always start your own!

  2. James, I have had a quick glance at and will probably return later when I have a bit more time. Thank you for the suggestion, though, and for the offer of constructive criticism (mutual, of course).

    Sadly, I live in a small town with no transport of my own, so writing groups are hard to come by in my area. If I knew more writers in the area I might consider my own writing group, but that is also unfortunately not the case. It does, however, make me wonder if there are any writing groups on skype at all.

    So thank you both for the suggestions. =)

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