As you may have noticed, the UK has had rather a lot of snow recently. It seems the Southerners are not dealing with this quite as well as us hardy Northerners who are quite used to freezing cold temperatures and having to stock up on food. I’m not saying Southerners are rubbish in arctic conditions… but they’re just not doing very well. Here’s a hint: you can’t always be fashionable if you want to be warm.

Maybe you should just try scarves and big coats with wellingtons?

Of course, all of this snow is getting me in the mood for Christmas even more. And yes, I do know that everybody but me will be starting their lovely advent calendars tomorrow. Sadly, I don’t have one and am not likely to get one thanks to an obvious mess up with my wages from my second job, but we’ll go into that shortly and keep with the cheery theme for the moment.

I gave my first Christmas present and card today. I figured I might as well spread some good cheer considering how cold and miserable most people are due to the weather. So, I gave my colleague at the school crossing patrol a small present and a card. She hasn’t opened the present and it’s nothing much at all, but I figured it was just a nice gesture. Good will on earth and all that jazz.

Anyway, I’ve been wrapping presents and labelling them with pretty labels. I’m hoping that everybody on my list will appreciate them. It also means that I can spend the majority of December cosy and snuggled up, watching Miracle On 34th Street. I’ll probably get on and do some writing as well.

Anyway, to return to a previous point, I have not been paid enough for my second job. This has kind of scuppered my plans, but, more than that, it has just plain annoyed me. I worked out that the amount they have paid me would mean that I was working for £1.70 an hour… which I’m pretty sure I’m not.

Unfortunately, this means that I’ll have to have a word with somebody about it, which will be a fun conversation. I get the feeling that it’s going to take a while before anybody gets back to me on it unless I stubbornly badger them. And stubbornly badger them, I will, if it means that it gets sorted out. It may also mean that I’ll be slightly cheerier for a while and can get some things sorted.

At the moment I will just have to keep surviving off whatever I get from my first job.

Before I sign off, I thought you’d all like to know, that it’s snowing again. Please, somebody, tell it to stop?

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