& I’m Of Good Cheer, ‘Cause I’ve Been Checking My List: The Gifts You’re Receiving From Me Will Be…

I didn’t have a particularly nice day yesterday. In fact, I was downright tired and therefore irritable. I did try very hard to stay calm and be pleasant, but things don’t always work out quite like that. However, you may be able to tell that I am somewhat more chipper today.

Today has been a good day. I’m feeling Christmassy again. I’m sorry about mentioning the C word in November so much, but it’s such a good feeling and so I have to share it in what I hope is a cheery manner.

Yesterday’s tiredness, however, has meant that I haven’t been doing an awful lot of writing lately. This is not for want of trying. The two jobs means that I’m feeling pretty run down, but it’s really only until Christmas.

Did I mention the two jobs thing?

You see, I’m so tired I’m just going doolally. If I didn’t mention it, then I got a second job processing mail orders at the place that my brother works because they have an overflow due to the closeness of the C word. It’s tiring doing two jobs, hence the lack of posting here and the lack of writing in general.

Nevertheless, like I said, it should only be up until Christmas. At least it will mean that I’ll have some extra money.

I wish I could write more, though. I’ve been so revved up by this project but I don’t have the energy to carry it through right now. Hopefully I can recharge enough to scribble some at the weekend.

The worst thing about the new job is that travel arrangements are so damn difficult. I have an awkward start time. It wouldn’t be quite as awkward if it was on the weekend, but if it was on the weekend then I wouldn’t be able to sit and process orders on one of the computers because they would all be busy. So I had to take the hours I could… which means that I have to leg it home after I finish my first job and then either get a lift or a taxi to my second job. Lifts are awkward and taxis cost £7 one way just to go a very short distance. Not to mention that they aren’t very reliable.

So I’ll be quite glad when I finish working there. I’m much happier just being a school crossing patrol officer. It may sound stupid or ridiculous, but I’m actually quite proud of that job. It’s harder and more exhausting than people think; yet, it’s so rewarding.

Anyway, enough about work. I’m sick to the back teeth of talking about it.

After yesterday’s mood crash, today has let me see a few of the things that I perhaps hadn’t recognised and wouldn’t have done before. As horrible as nose dives like that are, they mean that you tend to wake in the morning feeling brighter with a clearer focus on the things around you. So today I’m quite thankful for a lot of the people and things around me. I’ve also realised a few things that I hadn’t before. So I’m grateful for the people I care about. And in the words of Forrest Gump…

“And that’s all I have to say about that.”

[Lyrics in the title are from Yule Shoot Your Eye Out by Fall Out Boy]

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