Good Vibrations

Those of you who are regulars to this here blog (goodness knows how you’ve had the patience to keep reading my drivel!) will probably have noticed the dramatic change in the layout and theme. as much as I loved the old theme, I needed a change and hopefully you all like it as much as I do.

Any of you who follow me on twitter or know me on facebook may have noticed that I disappeared over the past few days. I urge you not to worry. The first day was due to an attack of a migraine, the second I was busy all day and then stayed with R for the night. The second day involved buying R’s birthday present. I would tell you all what it is, but he doesn’t know yet and that would be entirely unfair. Not to mention that he might sneak on here and find out. So my lips are sealed.

However, I don’t mind telling you that I had a lovely time being with him last night and earlier today. I am, nevertheless, still feeling quite delicate after my migraine. It always leaves me feeling quite delicate but this one was a particularly bad one. My migraines also involve vomiting; so, as you may guess, my stomach and my head have both been left a little tender. But enough about that.

Luckily it happened during the week that I’m off work for half term holidays, which is nice. It also meant that I got to see some good friends when I was on my shopping trip. Obviously, I’m not exactly flush because work doesn’t pay an awful lot; although it does mean that I have become slightly famous in our small town thanks to several newspapers covering the story of my appointment. It seems that it really is exciting news to country folk that I’m the youngest lollipop lady in their county. Really exciting.

I have been informed of a temporary position elsewhere, however, that could afford me some extra cash. And, you never know, it could result in a slightly more permanent part-time job. It’s good timing with Christmas coming up, not to mention the several things that I need to pay for in the very near future.

My copy of Microsoft Word, for example, is running out in a couple of days time and it’s something that I, pretty much, can’t do without. It should go without saying as to why I can’t do without it, but, in case you are somehow unaware, I need it for my writing. I may end up using Open Office until I can afford the necessary.

Of course, this also means I won’t be able to use Excel either, which is where I like to keep all of my story plans normally. Oh well. I will have to suffer without these luxuries. I’m sure it will be okay until I can get myself sorted and, naturally, until Christmas has passed. Then again, my birthday is after Christmas (in February to be exact) so maybe I should just ask for Office 2010 as a present for my twenty-first.

Extremely unexciting and terribly practical, I know.

I prefer surprises as presents. If I’m perfectly honest, though, I think I get more of a kick out of giving presents than I do receiving them. I like to choose something that I know will suit people down to a tee.

I do the same with cards. If I’m buying a card, I like to make sure I get one that has meaning. I won’t just pick up any card with anything written inside. It seems to me that if you’re going to buy a card with a sentiment already written in it, then it should be a sentiment that you want to express and not something you have picked haphazardly. Sometimes you can’t find something close enough to what you want to say and I guess that you could use Moonpig or one of those other card creation sites for that. The only problem with those sites is that you can’t always come up with what you want to say or how you want to say it.

I pride myself on being able to express things through words, but when they’re sentiments to somebody I love or care about then they don’t always go to plan. In fact, sometimes they go entirely awry. That’s why I prefer scouring the card shops for something that is perfect and has the right look and feel to it as well as the right words. Maybe that’s being pernickety, but isn’t it nicer to have something that somebody has spent time picking out for you?

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2 thoughts on “Good Vibrations”

  1. Love the new layout. My kids use OpenOffice on their laptops which don't have Word. It works well for them – and there is a spreadsheet available on there too. Good luck and I hope you get wonderful Christmas and birthday presents.

  2. Thank you. I was hoping it would be a hit.

    Well I think I'll try OpenOffice for a bit, then. It seems the only alternative financially available to me at the minute.

    Ha ha. So do I when the time comes. =)

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