That’s right. I like them.

Today is Unusual Way To Start A Blog Post Day.

No it’s not really, but it would be good if it was; wouldn’t it? I expect people would have very random beginnings to their blogs and thus many readers would be confused and intrigued. Maybe we should start a random blog post day. What do you think?

No? Well, it was worth a shot.

I have been updating here recently; however, I realise that I haven’t updated on my life properly and I just know how much you love hearing about that (…not).

This is not to say that I haven’t wanted to write updates on my life, but it is to say that I have been feeling too drained to do so. Can you guess why? I bet, if you read about my crazy little life often enough, you can guess why.

What’s that I hear? Does it begin and end with Master Berserker?

Why yes it does How did you guess? Is it due to his uncanny ability to show up and cause trouble and misery wherever he goes? Or is it because I gave him the title of Master Berserker in this here blog?

Let’s have a recap (because I can’t quite remember what the last thing I said about him was). This is what happened in the previous episodes:

Episode 1: Catching Up

Episode 2: The Saga of the Selfish Brother

Episode 3: & All I Need Now Is For This Moon To Keep Light In Its Desolate Skyline For Good

So, I may or may not have informed you that Master Berserker got himself a job at a telesales company (this immediately makes him better than me because he earns more money and is therefore a better human being all round). Of course, because he earns more than me, this means that he likes to gloat about what he can afford and how he’s going to buy this and that. He even had the idea that he’d be able to buy himself a car on credit and afford the car insurance on top of that.

I pointed out Master Berserker’s obvious inability to understand finances if he thinks he can do this (which is why he said I should go die etc etc in a screenshot in a previous post). According to him, however, and my dad, he knows what he’s doing and he will scrimp and save.

Now, my dad (who I shall refer to as Blindy McBlindBlind from here onwards) put Master Berserker on his car insurance until Berserker can afford a car of his own. This is a walloping £250 a month… but according to Master Berserker he can afford this with his fantastically huge amount of income that he was boasting about.

He also claims that he’s a great driver, but after he nearly reversed into me and R last night, I sincerely doubt this. My mother has also showed doubts about his lack of driving care.

But if you ask Master Berserker he will proudly gloat about how he passed on his second test and I passed on my fourth. This is why I didn’t congratulate him or mention it when he passed because I knew it would mean facing his gloating again. Nevertheless, he brought up out of nowhere whilst making hot beverages. I think his words were, “Well at least I passed second time.” Because that means he’s a better, more considerate driver… Sometimes I think most (not all) boys pass in the first or second instance simply because they are more confident with a stranger in a car, whereas us considerate drivers are a bit more cautious with strangers/new people in the car with us.

I mean, after all, we don’t want to kill anyone or cause an accident.

So Blindy McBlindBlind has swallowed all of Berserker’s untruths about me too. He’s suddenly got the idea that I’m a nasty individual.

Anyway, so now you can see why I’ve been frustrated and wound up so much lately.

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