Flash Fiction No. 14

#Flashfiction statement provided by Louise Murray via Facebook.

Friendships – when one pushes the self destruct button and the effect on the other person.

Invincible Girl took off her cape. She folded it neatly into its box and then stood preening in front of the mirror. Her eyes passed over the small shadow in the background of her reflection but she took no notice; her hair was out of place and it needed to be readjusted. She leaned closer to the glass, reapplying lip gloss to her super pout.

The shadow slumped on a box in the corner and waited with a glum expression. Dark eyes considered Invincible Girl. The shadow tried to convince itself that Invincible Girl was only being protective.
A dramatic sigh blew across from the mirror. “I can never get this fringe right! Will you go buy me some hair spray?”
“I haven’t got any more money,” the shadow muttered.
“Oh,” Invincible Girl replied, pretending she hadn’t felt the change wriggling in her pockets. “Well, it doesn’t matter then. I’ll just have to cope with it like I have to cope with everything else.”
The dig clunked in the shadow’s ribs.
Invincible Girl spun around on her heel to face her glum sidekick. “I mean, what were you thinking? He was obviously a villain!”
“I thought he was nice…”
Invincible Girl flicked her hair, moving back to the mirror. “If he was so nice then why would he kiss me? No. He was just trying to break up the team,” she decreed, missing out the part where she’d gotten the ‘villain’ drunk and seduced him.
The shadow turned to look out at the inky sky, discretely moving a tear from her eye.
“You’ll just have to be more careful in future or just not date at all.” Invincible Girl snatched a look over her shoulder, smiling to herself when she saw the slumped profile. “I mean, I totally know what you’re going through. It’s happened so many times to me, obviously…”
The shadow nodded.
“Although… Do you remember Dr Destruction?”
The shadow looked over, incredulity in her dark eyes. Not again.
“Well, he’s changed. He’s turned over a new leaf. So I thought we could date again; if that’s okay with you?”
“That’s a ridiculous idea,” the shadow whispered, her face crumpled in horror and despair. How could Invincible Girl tell her that her only love was evil and destroy him only to announce she was getting back with the most evil genius on the planet?
Invincible Girl turned on her heel, her face red and blotchy. She brandished her hair brush at the shadow. “You just don’t want me to be happy! That’s what this is! You can’t stand it just because you can’t get anybody! Well, let me tell you, missy, Dr Destruction isn’t a lost cause like Alix! I only did it to save you from him! You should be grateful!”
The shadow stood up, her whole body shaking. “You ‘accidently’ handcuffed him to a nuclear warhead and pressed self-destruct! And I should be grateful?!”
Invincible Girl looked at her blankly. “Of course; I saved our lives. You’re always getting us into trouble. I had to do it for the team. I need my sidekick. No one else does my hair like you do.”
“I hate you. You ruin everything and you destroy everything good in my life. Goodbye.” With that, Taken-For-Granted Girl left, becoming Lady Poise.

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