#WW & National Poetry Day

Yesterday was #WW day on twitter and today is National Poetry Day in the UK, so I figured that I’d post once and kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. I wouldn’t really go out and kill two birds with one stone. My aim isn’t that good.

If you read my previous post on Follow Friday, then you probably have at least a guess of what the #WW tag may be referring to. #WW stands for Writer Wednesday. It’s something that the writing community on twitter like to use to help writers connect with writers.

It’s a useful idea as it means that you can find writers who you admire, get introduced to new writers or even find people to give you some great advice. And, of course, you get the recommendations from the writers you choose to follow so that you can find like-minded individuals. There are other such hash tags that are intensely useful for writers on twitter.

I was informed of the #amwriting hash tag by the lovely @iamJaymes the first time that I ventured on twitter. #Amwriting is a useful tag as it also helps you to connect with other writers and, if you click the link, there is a growing directory of some of the writers who use this hash tag. The tag was started by the lovely Johanna Harness (@johannaharness) so all credit for it should really go to her for the creation.

Similarly, you can type in #writing, #poetry, #flashfiction or other such tags to let others find you and by searching the tags you can also find others with similar interests.

My #WW mentions for today are as follows:


And now to the National Poetry Day stuff. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time to do any more than construct a quick 140 character poem to tweet, but I will give you a couple of tasters of my poetry. These two pieces are from a while ago:


You’re flying high, but the kite is burning,
And as youpanic, the wind is turning.
Soon there will be nothing left to salvage
Because the flames are turning so savage.
Your day dreams are like matchstick wood;
Eventually they  become no good;
You have to seek a different way
Because your dreaming doesn’t pay.
Nobody is there to hold your hand
And tell you that they understand
You know that they would if they only could
Though you know they shan’t, not that they can’t.
And their spoken words will say one thing;
Unspoken things will say another.



It drips. It drops.
It leaks. It spills.
Ink. Upon the page.
Ink. Blank pages fills.
Poison black or Roman red.
What if words killed you dead?
They twist. They burn.
Love, they spurn.
And here they are,
Thick like tar,
With coiled emotion
Enough to fill an ocean
With their sighs, their laughs.
Their tears, their epitaphs.
Is it this that drums the writer’s blood?
Is it this that caused the lover’s flood
Of tears upon the reading of that letter
Supposed to make her feel much better?

Please feel free to comment on the post below and link to any poetry that you find particularly interesting or evocative. It’s National Poetry Day, after all, and we should share the pieces we that enjoy most.

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