The Twitter #FF Monster

Firstly, a list of twitter writers/people you should follow on twitter. These are in no particular order:

These are just a few of many talented people on twitter that I follow. If you’re new to twitter, then you might not understand the hashtag of #ff in the title of this post. #ff means Follow Friday. Follow Friday happens on every Friday and it gives you a chance to recommend some of the people you follow to other people that follow you.

I don’t always take part in this. It’s not compulsory and some days it’s just hard finding the time to sit down at the computer. It is nice, though, to sit down and see how many people appreciate listening to the things you have to say or following you so that they get updates on your writing pieces.

I’ve come to the conclusion that twitter is actually a great port for writers to moor in. I’m very glad a good friend convinced me to get it. It’s great to get to know other writers on there because not only are they a friendly bunch there are a lot of them that give absolutely great advice. It’s also an easy way to get updates for blogs or hear about the writing of others.

There are quite a few good blog posts on twitter, if you’re new to it. And for one of those I thus refer you:

So, if you haven’t considered twitter before, then you may want to now. The advantages for writers are enormous and if you’re a published writer it can help your readers to communicate with you.

Anyway, my intentions for the day are to sort a couple of things out and then I may write a piece of flash fiction. You might end up with two journal updates in one day!

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